‘It is estimated that a quarter of life’s pleasurable moments involve cheese in some capacity’

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, we love nothing more than to indulge in a pleasurable moment with Butler’s farmhouse cheese’s special edition Valentine’s day heart. Containing 90g of Blackstick’s Blue and 10g of Blueberries, priced at £4.00 each, they will surely make your taste bud’s tingle!!

We also love Butler’s Farmhouse cheese’s special edition trio, the pack contains Red Leicester, Blacksticks Blue and farmhouse Lancashire each pack is 155g, priced at £2.65 each.

These work really well as a cheeseboard solution managing waste and portion control as well as no time cutting & pre packing on site.

Blackstick’s Blue, one of our most popular blue’s, hand-made, only by Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses. A smooth creamy flavour with a gentle, rounded blue cheese tang.